Welcome to an exciting season of basketball!  See below  for the list of coaches and the Game/Tournament Schedules.

Please note:
On days that games are scheduled at OLPH, practices are cancelled.
– During double-header games, Girls teams play first unless previously noted.

Grade 5 Boys:  Mr. Myers, Ms. Maynes, Ms. Linadi
Grade 5 Girls: Ms. Brancati, Ms. Stawecki, Mrs. Northcott
Grade 6 Boys: Mr. Belcastro, Mr. Thorburn
Grade 6 Girls: Mrs. Krohman, Mrs. Walsh, Ms. Rodriguez
Grade 7 Boys: Mr. Gazzola, Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Ross
Grade 7 Girls: Ms. Bryer, Mrs. Liu


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 7:30-8:30 am Gr. 6 Boys Gr. 5 Boys Gr. 7 Boys Gr. 7 Girls Gr. 6 Girls
Lunch 12:00-12:30 pm OPEN* Gr. 6 Girls Gr. 5 Girls Gr. 5 Girls Gr. 5 Boys
Afterschool 3:00-4:30 pm Gr. 7 Girls OPEN Gr.6 Boys Gr. 7 Boys

Schedules: (Please click on schedule to view/print)

Grade 5 Basketball Schedule

Grade 6 Basketball Schedule

Grade 7 Basketball Schedule