Tuition / Fees

Tuition / Fees

Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year (September to June) is:


Active and contributing members of OLPH Parish Active and contributing members of another Catholic Parish /
Registered members (non-contributing) of OLPH Parish /
International Students (Yearly fee to be paid in full upon acceptance)
$325.00 per month $650.00 per month $15,500 per year

Families eligible for Active and Contributing Parishioner rate are registered in Our Lady’s Parish, attend mass regularly, contribute envelopes and are actively involved in the life of the parish. This determination is strictly determined by the parish pastor. Parishioner status is reviewed yearly.

Upon acceptance, the following fees are required:

September Tuition: Due upon acceptance by Our Lady’s School (non-refundable). (The full year’s tuition is required for International Students.)

Parent Participation Levy: $1000.00 per family. Each family is required to contribute 40 volunteer hours for the school year. Families completing a portion of the 40-hour requirement will be assessed a pro-rated levy. If you are unable to participate, $1,000.00 is payable on September 1st or the first day of the school year.

Textbooks / Information Technology Fee: $300.00 per student.

Grade Event Fee: $25.00

Fieldtrip Fee: $75.00 per student.

Emergency Fee: $10.00 per student

School Yearbook (optional): $50.00 each. “The Marian” is the Our Lady’s school yearbook. It’s a comprehensive record of all aspects of school life.