We aim to join the children on their journey of growth, change and development as individuals, through their discovery of self and their relationship with others.  We hope to guide the children to see and be confident in who they are, to find their place in their world and to have awareness of their strengths.

We see children as able, caring, and affectionate people, and we aim to nurture their kindness and love in their friendships. 

We regard the child as a theorist, who is constantly creative and transforming their own theories, their ideas, and their thoughts. 

We strive to foster co-construction and collaboration among children, to recognize and respect similarities and differences in the perspectives of others. 

We want to support the children as explorers; to be curious in their play, active in their thinking and reflective in their thoughts.  We value the culture of the child and we aim to nurture and preserve their customs, traditions, and values of their family culture.  We see children as adventurers full of life, excitement, and enthusiasm, and we want to join the children in holistic living – in this love for living each day in mind, body, and spirit.