What is PEC?

Parish Education Committee

This is a committee established and is operating by authority of both the Archdiocese and the Society for the purpose of administering and managing a particular Parochial School or particular Regional School of the Society, and is empowered by both the Archdiocese and the Society.

The PEC is composed of seven lay members of the Parish, and the Pastor who is the Archbishop’s Representative.

The PEC makes decisions and sets policy to govern the school, providing these decisions fall within the CISVA Board’s policies and regulations.

The PEC is responsible for preparing the budget for the operation and maintenance of the school, the hiring of staff, and oversees the daily operations of the school.


PEC Members for Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Pastor:  Father Babu Mathew C.Ss.R.

Chairperson:  Renee Stafford

Vice-Chairperson:  Edward Barnes

Treasurer:  Doug Spaeth

Parent Participation:  Adrienne O’Callaghan

Maintenance:  Peter Dodge

Delegate to CISVA:  Jutta Zeisler

Human Resource: Kate Nemeth